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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Together We Can Love the World

When Forgotten Voices asked me to be director of student relations, I was surprised and elated and experienced a plethora more thoughts and emotions. To join an organization that is on the forefront of protracting change in southern Africa, one can’t help but jump in with both feet. I don’t know how else to do something except to jump in with all that I am and have. To be able to use my gifts and talents to save lives [bring hope to] and communities in southern Africa is something that I feel honored to do. The AIDS epidemic is so much bigger than me, but as Remmy reminded us, it starts with saving [helping] one child at a time.

The fact that Forgotten Voices isn’t going into a hurting area and telling them how to fix their problems is one of my favorite things about the organization. We don’t know everything and southern African communities are a completely different culture. Those on the ground in Zambia and Zimbabwe understand much better how to support those forgotten voices in their communities whom have lost their parents.

The fact that I get to tell stories and connect communities excites me. Forgotten Voices is a personal organization with stories of personal lives: the fourteen year old girl who takes care of her family, the teen in New York who gives up a car so that an orphan can go to school. It is through personal relationships that we will be able to not only change these lives right now, but also for eternity.

So what is my story? There have been many things that have brought me here. I spent my most recent time in Germany ministering to high school students whose parents were impacting communities all over the world. The gift to mentor students that had such a heart for their fellow man was a very special thing. They have had a special opportunity by growing up in places far from their home.

Students here have the same passions and abilities to change the world. They want to use their gifts now. They don’t need to wait for more schooling or a steady job to start changing their world. They want to help now. And they are. If I can help them to channel their excitement into helping their world, then I will jump at the chance.

So what can we do together? We can spread the word. We can raise awareness about the things going on in southern Africa. This Christmas season we can pray for those whose voice gets so easily lost in the hustle and bustle of American life. We can remember that Jesus came to earth to save the lost and hurting; that when we serve the least of these, we are serving him.

So after you finish reading this please do a couple of things for me. Look us up on Facebook and ‘like’ our page. Follow us on Twitter. And finally, pray about how to serve those who need your help, whether they are down your street or across the world.
And one final question. How are you demonstrating God’s love to your world?

Matt Kirkley - Volunteer Director of Student Relations

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