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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank you and prayers needed for Vuyani

Friends - thanks for investing in the hopes and dreams of children in 2010. On behalf of the 5,200+ kids we served in 2010, I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. Personally, I thank you for the opportunity to guide you and introduce you to the children, our partners in Africa, and our network of Board members, volunteers, staff, and supporters in the USA.

When we started Forgotten Voices, we didn't know how or when the needs of those we met would be addressed. We knew that God would work through local churches to meet the needs of children we could not deeply know to a level necessary to determine which needs, when, etc. Every child is known personally by their church. Every child has a story that breathes more hope Dec 31 because of your investment in them. We are so thankful you have helped respond. We don't know all of you or how you came to know us, but we are thankful that these children are not forgotten.

Not every story in 2010 ends with joy, however. I just got off the phone with Fibion, our Zimbabwe Director, who told me that a dear young friend of mine is not well at all. Her name is Vuyani, age 17. She is suffering greatly tonight from anemia. We've featured her picture before (she is in the pink), but never her story. After losing her mother, Vuyani and her twin sister were unable to continue going to school. Fibion's church helps send them to school and meet other needs, such as retreats, food, and counseling.  Vuyani's smile is contagious and she is one of my closest young friends in Zimbabwe. We humbly ask you pray for Vuyani. When I saw her in November, she was so frail she couldn't walk. She recovered for about 2 weeks after 9 months of bedrest. Her sister has been reading course material after school for almost a year because Vuyani had to stop attending because of her pain.  In the past few days, she has turned for the worst. Now, she can barely speak and is very, very sick. We pray for healing, but also for peace as she suffers. Right now, people are caring for her on your behalf. Thank you.

As we go off to celebrate, please remember to pray for Vuyani as we continue working to help your investments realize the needs of the healthy and the sick children orphaned by AIDS in southern Africa.

Finally, Fibion's church wanted me to thank you for your prayers & support. Just today, we sent funds that will help the church care for 230 kids, including Vuyani. The church is entering the new year by hosting a 5 hour prayer service that is underway right now. As we pray for them, Fibion also wants you to know that they will be praying for you.

You can continue to give online to support our work at Forgotten Voices' website. Thank you.

Peace and love this new year,
Ryan Keith
President - Forgotten Voices International


Ellen said...

Thanks for this update - we're praying for Vuyani tonight.

brian said...

Our prayers are with Vuyani and Fibion during this difficult time.

Mindy said...

joining in prayer!