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Monday, July 27, 2009


For those faithful blog readers, the past few weeks' posts have been filled with updates and insights into the recent Forgotten Voices trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia. Today, we wanted to give you just one example of the amazing ways God was at work among His Church in the United States, while Ryan and some of our team were visiting the Church in Southern Africa.

On June 19th, Forgotten Voices staff Nate & Ellen Shaffer (Directors of Church Relations) and Jordan Brensinger (Director of Student Relations) were honored to participate in NERVOSITY 2009. This annual event in Guilderland, NY, brings together high schol and college students from around the region to "listen to great music, eat food, have fun and help take a stand against the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the world." For the second year in a row, Nervosity has generously partnered with Forgotten Voices International, using this event to raise funds and awareness for our ministry. 12 bands played throughout the night, battling it out for the title of 1st place. Attendees bought hundreds of raffle tickets, tshirts and food items, with all proceeds going directly to Forgotten Voices. Students and families wrote letters to each of the children cared for by one of our project sites in Zimbabwe. There was even an art project station, where students painted individual squares with images of hope, which will be combined into a mural and sent to a project site in Southern Africa. Throughout the night, the theme of giving generously and using our talents to serve others was reaffirmed over and over again. We were humbled by the generosity and hard work of the Nervosity staff (a great number of whom were high school students) and the students in attendance.

Even more humbling were the stories of students who have been working for months to raise funds even before Nervosity arrived. Youth pastor Jonathan Hentrich shared that a girl in his youth group had decided she didn't need Christmas presents last year, and instead asked her family to give her money for Forgotten Voices instead. She raised $300. A friend loved the idea and made the same request of her family regarding birthday presents - and ended up with $500. It was an honor and privelege to meet these girls in person and share with them the impact that their selflessness would have on children and families served by our ministries in Southern Africa!

See more images from Nervosity online at

This entire event is hosted by a church we have come to love and respect dearly - Christ Church of the Capital District, near Albany NY. They are committed to serving the youth in their region, and inspiring their youth to thinking beyond their own lives and circumstances, with a view of how they can make an impact on the world. We are so incredibly blessed to work with this phenomenal congregation, particularly their youth ministry staff! They have truly caught the vision for how the church in the United States can partner with the church around the world, in places like Zimbabwe and Zambia, to be the hands and feet of Christ to those in need. Watching all that God has accomplished through this one church's commitment, we more fully realize the potential that exists among the church of the United States to partner in the global response to the AIDS pandemic and other needs. Our thanks to everyone involved in making Nervosity 2009 the amazing success that it was! We'll see you in 2010!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Post by Darren

Friends - When you are able, read more about my recent trip to Africa through the eyes of one of my 3 traveling buddies. Darren explains why he was there, what he was doing, and some of the reflections on what he learned about Forgotten Voices, as well as life in Zimbabwe.

Lots of love to you,

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Do you ever think that statistics are people? a short film.

Friends - I wanted to pass along a video I just watched that struck me hard.

it's a dramatic short called Spare Change, featuring Timmy Morgan. Timmy has done numerous fundraisers for us and has been a champion of our cause. He's a good friend. And darn funny. Please enjoy this piece and check out his work at

Remember that every statistic is a person & each day is an opportunity to extend love to those around us. while I FULLY endorse giving to official homeless missions and outreaches, i sometimes forget (or choose not to) send a check.

this is an interesting take. i hope you are challenged by it, as well.

make today count,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Find out more by visiting the blog post about the party here.

Attn: All Local DC Folks - Party THIS FRIDAY!!

Friends, A good friend of mine, Cameron, is throwing a fundraiser/house party this FRIDAY NIGHT in Washington, DC. If you are close by or want to visit our nation's capital and help us help kids, please read below. It'll be a great time, as we have some food and fun together. I'll be sharing some new stories from my latest trip to Africa and hopefully getting a chance to hear why some of you care so much about us.

Thanks for reading! If you aren't in the DC area, but know someone that is, PLEASE pass this along to them. Thanks!


Host: Cameron Earle

Location: 934 T St. NW; Washington, DC US

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When: Friday, July 10, 6:00PM

Phone: 703.269.7931

Please join us for an evening of good food and learning how to help orphans in southern Africa. Every day, 500 people die in Zimbabwe from AIDS related illnesses and 1,000 children become orphaned. But there is GOOD NEWS!!! Forgotten Voices has gained national attention as a unique, grassroots organization which is dedicated to empowering orphans through locally developed and managed orphan care and agricultural projects. Come learn how this dynamic organization has helped reduce the spreading of HIV/AIDS, equips local leaders and empowers orphans in southern Africa. Come join us on our journey to love and save as many of these precious little ones as we can. To learn more, please visit the website:

Your donation of $10 or more is essential in reaching our $600 goal, which will send 40 children to school for a 4 month term. And with a gift of $25 or more, or if you sign up as a recurring donor at $10 a month, you will receive a free Forgotten Voices t-shirt. We accept cash and checks made out to "Forgotten Voices", and computers will be available on-site to pay by credit card through the secure website.

We will provide beverages and some food, but additional contributions to the fridge and the grill are welcome. There will also be a tip jar available if you would like to help cover those costs. Thank you for your support of Forgotten Voices. We are looking forward to an successful, informative, and enjoyable evening.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in the USA

Back in USA after 18 hr flight from Joburg, South Africa.

Only got about 4 hrs of sleep, watched 5 movies, 2 episodes of CSI, and did some work.

Learned a LOT about Madagascar. What a cool guy Jason was.

- Feel good physically
- No upset stomach, cold, back ache, etc that typically happen
- Learned some new things about the Bible from Jason and learned how to pray about another forgotten place in the world.
- Entertainment system worked (didn't on my flight from JFK to Joburg). makes a HUGE difference

- Beeping noise from in-flight phone system for seat right in front of me could not be shut off. lasted 18 hrs. poor woman that was sitting in seat was going to go crazy. airline had no way to shut it off, which raises lots of questions about the system. ah well. we survived. :)
- Woman on flight suffered a trauma of some kind shortly after we took off from Senegal. She was treated by 2 doctors on board. No real information beyond that.

Now, after 2 doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts and an orange Gatorade, I'm waiting for my delayed flight to take off... air traffic. LOVE NYC. :)

Thx for praying for safe travels. It'll be good to be home. My dad is picking me up from airport, then shower, then lunch, then trying to stay awake till Katie gets off work at 4pm.  I HOPE to stay awake till 8pm, before crashing until I wake up before the sun comes up tomorrow. :)

Until I write again,
Make today count,
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