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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the almost forgotten

Last night at Katie's parents' Christmas Eve service, I watched with delight as my daughter quietly jumped up and down throughout the whole service...quite a feat for a six month old. On the inside, I could tell she was singing because her bouncing to the beat was so passionate. Only occasionally would a shriek of joy cry out. Being that it is our first Christmas, I'm soaking up every minute.

Her passionate joy taught me two things that I wanted to share with you this Christmas:
1) That as we celebrate our King, let us dance about with joy for the birth of Jesus. He's not just "the reason for the season", as the phrase goes.  He's the reason for our salvation. He's the reason for our Hope. He's the purpose of our lives. He's redemption from death. He's life for you and me, if we believe and follow Him.

2) As I watched her dance, I was again overwhelmed by how much I crave this joy and security for the kids our ministry serves.  I kept thinking about what would've happened if local churches weren't helping bring life after death of their parents. I couldn't stop thinking of the hundreds and thousands of people who live, in part, because of our ministry. This means that they are still alive, in part, because of your investment.

You can click on the captions below each picture to learn more about each child.
Eddie, a future pilot

Nelson, a future farmer.
Peterson, a future cameraman

Neatness, a future accountant or air hostess. Now, maybe a teacher.

Shelton, Concilia and Magret, back in their home for Christmas.
While I hope you take some time today to read back through the many reflections from our advent contributors, I wanted to also let you see some of the many faces who live and have the opportunity to teach us to live like Christ because you helped them stay alive. When Christ ascended into heaven, He left behind His church as Plan A. There is no Plan B. Through your investment in local churches, by God's grace, we are helping bring redemption and hope from death. I will, without exaggeration, be forever thankful for each of you.

On behalf of all the people we serve, our volunteers, our staff and Board, Merry Christmas from Forgotten Voices International.

With great joy and thanksgiving,
All the best,
Ryan Keith
President, Forgotten Voices International

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