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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crushed & re-made everyday on our journey to heaven

Note: On a recent phone call with Fibion, I asked how we could be praying for him and his ministry. He began to tell me about the week he’d just had, full of dramatic emotional highs and lows, one after another after another. I was struck by the emotional toll that such a week would take on a pastor like Fibion, but also struck by the fact that this was not particularly unusual for many pastors in Zimbabwe. I asked if he would write about his week for our blog. His account of the week, as well as his reflections on how to respond, are below.
- Ellen Shaffer, Director of Project Management

On November 29th, tired from the chores of activities in town and from traveling 15km away from Bulawayo, I arrived home only to receive the news that my nephew was detained by police for juvenile crimes. I had to put aside my plans to plant maize in my garden to go and hear his story. The following morning as I was working in my garden, I saw one of our church members with a somber face. His father had collapsed and they had taken him to the hospital. Late in the afternoon someone came and told me that the old man had died upon admission. We had to start visiting the family every evening to comfort them until the burial day on Saturday. After the funeral, I had to rush for a class with the candidates for baptism the next day. Sunday morning saw thirty three individuals being baptized and one being admitted into full membership. We also had a Christmas party which included 85 children. Amidst the joy, we also had to announce sad news - the death of the beloved father of some of our church members and also of one member admitted at the hospital. On Monday morning, as I was asleep, I received a call that one of the high school students supported by our partnership with Forgotten Voices, had died and the burial was to be on Tuesday. Another painful moment!

How does one deal with such a mixture of experiences and emotions; sadness and happiness, sorrows and joys? It would seem God is crushing, mixing and molding us into special vessels for his noble purposes. In His Christmas story, Jesus says that He came to do [God’s] Will, to be crushed so that we are saved and receive His joy [Hebrews 10:5-7]. Let us pray that God will enable us to be used and spent for others.

Fibion Ndhlovu
- Zimbabwe Program Director

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brian said...

Fibion thanks for all you do, the Lord is using you in powerful ways!