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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Love blessing we will forever cherish...

This is indeed "A blessing we will foever cherish...", one woman echoed from within the small gathering as their leader got a cheque for supporting orphans in their ministry. The ministry of Forgotten Voices is going to help support over 500 kids; Yes, over 500 children will be sent back to school and some will continue with their schooling because of brethrens like you. It is because you have decided to say “yes I will remember orphans in Africa”. Words would never express the feelings we all have right now; but we can say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Just yesterday, a total of six projects in our partnership with churches around Ndola area were empowered in their orphan care ministries. Some of the pastors and church leaders could not hide their happiness; “this is what we have always been praying for especially that we do witness first hand suffering of our people,” one of them said. Another pastor further said that their intentions of purchasing a hummer mill has now been fulfilled; “the help has come at the right time because people are busy harvesting their maize and the mill will not only help the church members, but also bring revenue from the surrounding community who will use it to grind their harvested maize into mealie meal at a fee,” he said.  “This will sustain some of the ministries of our church,” the pastor reiterated. I was equally happy for the men of God because I know their struggles in meeting their ministry obligations under very difficult conditions has been very hard. The church in Africa is (rightly so) seen as a place of refuge for those that are in need, but its resources has always been meagre.   

The ministry of Forgotten Voices, through local churches in Africa could never have come at the right time. It has brought life to not only the spiritual aspect of the church’s ministry, but also to its social ministry. To you, who are holding the hands of FVI to make this possible, I say, please don’t grow weary. We are always on our knees thanking God for what you are doing; for through this ministry, the evil one’s efforts are rendered useless even when the vices are so great to clump these kids. The ministry of the church, especially towards children is being fulfilled.

It was also gratifying to hear kids sharing their dreams for the future; “When I grow up, I want to become a teacher” one said; others hope to be doctors, mechanics, pastor…the list is endless! Well, just know that you are helping to make some of these children’s dreams come true.

I have always believed that Christians hold the key to the real hopes of mankind. One of these hopes is, the hope to love and to be loved; which according to 1Cor. 13, is the greatest gift. And you have shown your love for the pastors and their flock through your generosity even though you have even never met them.   

This will indeed be "a love blessing we will forever cherish in our hearts!"

Your fellow servant in the Lord,


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