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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spotty Internet and Leaving Bulawayo

Friends - Thanks for your patience and following us on Twitter. Internet has been VERY spotty and unavailable at almost every leg of our trip, with just moments here and there.

Beginning Sunday, I'll have broadband internet at the place i'm staying throughout the rest of my trip until june 30.

that will be nice for you and for many incredible stories i'll have to share with you.

IMPORTANT: We will be off the grid for a couple days again. Sorry about that. But we'll be safe.  I MAY have phone connection for Twitter. You can view this on the right hand side of the blog.

We are leaving for Hwange National Park Today in 20 min and then Vic Falls on Friday night. We'll be visiting with a guy named Godfrey on Friday from 12-2pm. We fly out of Zimbabwe on Saturday at noon local (6am EST). Darren and Steve continue on to the States. Matt & I stay the night in Joburg, SOuth Africa. Matt then continues on to the states Sunday night and I leave for Ndola Sunday morning.

Pray for safe travels, refreshment, and joy. It's been a VERY tiring trip for me and the guys. We have been staying up late and waking early. VERY early. a 4am rise, a couple of pre 6am for us and we'll have another 5am tomorrow. lots and lots of driving today and tomorrow.

Lots of love. will try to write on sunday. again, follow

-Ryan and guys

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