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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet Genney the Journalist, age 14

Friends, the brie (BBQ) went well tonight. Thanks for praying for all the steps to come together. It was a great time of fellowship, with over 30 people coming.

Early tomorrow morning, Remmy & I are off to Lusaka, Zambia's capital, until Monday afternoon. We will be visiting CURE International's Zambia hospital, where we have a partnership helping feed children with AIDS and care for mothers of these children with an income generating project.

I'll have to write about this later in the week though. Tonight's post belongs to Genney, the journalist.

Meet Genney, age 14. Genney is in the upper left, with her thumb up (pic from Jan 2009). She is an aspiring journalist. She is the niece to Remmy (our Program Director here in Zambia) and Irene, Remmy's wife. She is a bundle of quiet joy, always taking notes in her head. You see it when you glance at her. She is going to be a writer. I just know it. :)

Earlier this week, I asked if she would write a story about life in Zambia for you all to read. Tonight, just before bed, she gave me the following and said, "It's done."

I hope you enjoy Genney's look into Life in Zambia.


Click on the picture to see it in larger form.

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