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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ready to Board and Chillin with a GoGo

We were talking about the Zimbabwe dollar by the gate, when the kindest old woman turned around and started chatting it up with us. She had come to NYC for her granddaughter's graduation and was returning home to Harare after 3 weeks away. What a joy she has been and a good introduction for the guys about Zimbabwean wit, hospitality, and all around good nature. In Zim, grandmothers are called GoGos. So, it was fun to chill with a GoGo.

She has been giving Darren & Steve advice on what to do in Zimbabwe, like "don't date our women, but sample anything else." and "don't wear pants like that, Darren. those holes will make people think you are poor and throw you in jail." all joking, of course. :)

She has been a good resource and introduction to life in Zimbabwe.

Ok. we are getting ready to board soon, so I gotta jet. but pray on, good people... pray on.

also - if you follow twitter, follow @darrenleblanc. he thinks he's rigged up a way to tweet from zimbabwe. :) we'll see. if he has, he's my new technology hero and i'll learn from him.

peace out,
probably until zimbabwe,
Ryan & Crew

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