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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Ode to My Dad

My dad, Denis, is my living hero and my best friend (apart from katie).

This is a picture with my dad and I on the Zambezi River, between Zambia & Zimbabwe. (Sorry for the bad picture dad, but it's the best I could get from Africa). :)

I've learned sooooo much from him!

Over my life with him, I've watched in amazement how he's lived out the following that I hope to continue learning from him:
- how to love women & men
- how to love kids and help them learn to love God & life
- how to serve others
- how to love a wife
- how to take chances
- how to discern in the midst of chaos
- how to love God first
- how to dream big dreams
- how to love people, even when they hurt him
- how to lead a family
- how to laugh at yourself
- how to listen, love, and learn from friends & strangers
- how to trust in God, when it makes "sense" not to
- how to shoot a running dip shot in basketball & a pump fake that Scott Hruzd still hates to this day
- and how to soar on my own, while KNOWING that I have a dad that loves me and will always be right behind.
and sooooooo many more lessons I'm still learning.

Over the time that I've been here, I've met about a dozen kids that have lost their fathers and I've seen hundreds.

I'm so thankful for you, dad. SOO thankful. For the way you love me as your son and love me like your friend. Thanks for mentoring me, guiding me, and serving with me as we learn together how to love God, our families, and our world. You are and will be my hero.

Thanks for encouraging me to pursue the vision God placed on my heart to start Forgotten Voices and for traveling with me to Africa twice to see for yourself, calming mom's deep fears about the unknown of "Africa". :) I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!

While I'm a bit delayed (sorry dad), HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU, THE BEST DAD ON EARTH!


PS Dad - EVERYONE is anxious for your return to Africa! :-) Get that project done! :-)

PPS Don't forget to pick me up on July 1st at the airport. :) Katie has my flight details. I love you even if you forget, but I'll love you EVEN MORE if you remember. :)

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