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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

one more quick announcement

our first 3 saves / high fives of the trip:

1) steve dropped his boarding pass walking to our gate. thankfully we found it without issue
2) darren found out how to use SMS technology instead of internet. whatever that means, but he was pumped, so we are pumped
3) steve bought a hat, as he didn't own one. it is subtle and looks sharp. all that know him apparently will enjoy that he has a hat now. :) so i'm adding a picture here.

thankfully, he's not a big yankees fan. being in ny, i've been hearing it for my sox hat all morning. after last night's 7-0 sox's win over the yankees... all is good.

ok now that those important notes have been made, we are NOW putting away our tech toys to focus on surviving 15.5 hrs together. i'm sitting one row behind them so i can watch them -- make sure the behave and not disturb other passengers. darren should be a handful. :)

peace out,


Lauren said...

A hat, finally! Excited to see pics with it actually on his head.
Tracking your flight now, be safe!

Nonnie said...

A hat is a good thing to hide hair that hasn't been washed in a few days!!!