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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Friday, January 9, 2009

1/9: Chickens, Dreams and Blogging

So - I got to talk to Katie, my wife, today for 5 min! SOOOO SWEET! Love you, Katie. For all of you that have been calling her, emailing her, and loving on her while I've been away - THANK YOU!

This will be SADLY short for all I've seen and learned. I'll be typing a bunch tonight from each day and will post tomorrow (or tonight, while you are sleeping the USA).

I've now been to Africa 10 times, including this trip, and its amazing to me how I slip back into routines and forget I'm in a completely differnet part of the world. It's so natural now, as I greet the neighbors, children that I know here in Ndola, etc. It's soooo fun to become at home in different places over time.

Today, I walked out of the house I'm staying at here in Ndola (mentioned earlier with photo) to find some chickens in the bushes. I didnt know that the Hamapandes, who I'm staying with, had chickens. :) So this fact - chickens RIGHT by the front door - shook me and helped me remember today would not be just another day. :)

I've done a TON of waiting today, in lines for things, only to discover that we would have to come back another day. The joys of Africa. I simply love it and the lessons I learn from waiting on the Lord and cherishing each breath.

Today, my friends, I think I've made some decisions on projects that I've seen - decisions I'll bring back for our 22nd January board meeting. Decisions that will help realize the dreams of 6 different churches we've met already. I hope to post pictures and details about these projects tomorrow (as I wrote just now).

MY sincere apologies for not blogging more. I'm doing 14-16 hr work days here and sleeping soundly each night, when I usually like to write before falling asleep. Katie told me you all would understand, but I do know how much some of these reflections help you pray specifically.

Quick praise. I hired/rented a truck today to pass through zambia by road. I'll drive 800 km on Sunday, starting at 9pm your time or 4am my time here. It'll take me over 10 hrs. I had to hire a truck, as the road is SOOO bad for the last 200 that the car company wouldnt rent me anything else. Its REALLY BAD even for Zambia. Oh the praise - i was going to go by bus, but because of safety issues and timing withs chool holidays ending sunday, it didnt' work out. SO MANY people have been praying i'd get a truck/car instead. I have relented and rented one for Sunday. I praise God for that ability.

Dreams - VERY quickly - you should know that this trip has been amazing already. i've met humble servants that are ready and willing to join you in realizing the hopes and dreams of kids, who long to return to school. i'll be writing about that tonight, as well and posting tomorrow.

Finally - blogging, as you can imagine is tricky. i walked to 4 different internet cafes - some full and some with non working computers. thanks for your patience. i have an hour here and there throughout the week, but someo f that has been filled with waiting to use the lines.

until tomorrow,


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Anonymous said...

We thank God for the good work you are doing may he richly bless you together with those who are participating in this ministry either finacially, spiritually, morally and physically.i may at the moment have nothing with me to support your work, but i remeber yoy in prayers.i hope these words will be of help. God bless galations 6:9 s.k