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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/6: TCCA and Phase 10

Today, we had a working lunch with the Principal (President) of TCCA, which is the Theological College of Central Africa, a seminary located here in Ndola. Forgotten Voices finds local pastors through theologically sound seminaries, as there are LOTS of rogue pastors preaching and influencing people with unbiblical lessons here in Zambia. Lest we be foolish, there are lots in the USA, as well. Wasteful, deceitful messages about what God wants for them if they give more to the church and the pastor...if they engage in practices that aren't biblical, but benefit the leadership of the church/community.

We are intentional about working with graduates of TCCA and TCZ (Theological College of Zimbabwe) to help insure we partner with theologically sound, well trained, servants to the world.

We discussed a new initiative that we are still working to launch here called the Graduate Network, which will help connect TCCA graduates around the country back with TCCA and TCCA & Forgotten Voices to learn more about their churches' challenges in ministry, especially AIDS orphan care. By knowing where people are, what they are struggling with and what successes they have, we can better plan our growth and impact with the seminary. It also provides a great means to build the local church and encourage it to learn from itself, something few nations do well across denominations. I remain, as does our Board, deeply commmitted to building local capacity and cooperation of the local church to do the things called has called on us all to do to love our neighbor, particularly orphans and widows.

The meeting also included Willie, the Chairman of the TCCA Alumni Association, who also is now the chairman of the Forgotten Voices Zambia Board of Directors. A cool guy I look forward to sharing more about in the days ahead after the trip.

There are, as is the same for all projects anywhere in the world, hurdles to get over. It was a good meeting, where we shared the challenges as we see them and discussed ways around them. The only thing I can really share at this point is that we all remain confident a way forward can be made and the challenges each party is experiencing can be worked around - we hope. Please remain in prayer for the wisdom necessary for all these challenges. Doing work in southern Africa is sometimes slow, but fruitful if done properly. THANK YOU! Sorry to be so vague, but more conversations will take place over the week and I am still pondering my own perceptions of the way forward.

Finally - perhaps most importantly - I was ROCKED today by a 4th grader in Phase 10 --- well a version of the American card game that she made up after I taught about 6 people in Ndola the rules. After finishing 3rd in the real Phase 10 tournament, my 4th grade friend, Hope, made up a game on the fly that was quite fun, but I never seemed to win. :) For those that know me well, making up games on the spot is one of life's greatest joys. I then happily beat her in a game I created that is a blend of guess what number, simon says, hang man and that "right foot in and shake it all about" game that I cannot remmeber the name of at the moment. I was SOOO Excited for this new game that we played for quite some time and engaged some pastors that had come to meet me, before I realized who they were --- oops. :) It turned out ok after they loosened up and jumped in. :)

Devotions ended the day. I led a time of reflection on Pslam 67. Zambians and Zimbabweans are experiencing incredible corruption in many facets of life. The passage is fitting for them and for us, as we wait on January 20th and the inaguration of Barack Obama as our 44th President. Let us praise God across the nations and look to our God for all things! As your family has time, I encourage you to read it. Every night, Remmy, Fibion and I are taking a different passage and sharing a message. I'll post the passage with each post from now on so you can follow along.

Sorry for no pictures yet. Working on some power, internet speed issues.

Pray on!


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