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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20: Travel Home & Sadness

This has been one of the more challenging trips of my 10 to Africa.
I'm emotionally and physically tired, leaving with all not
accomplished that I had hoped for. As always, I planned for WAY too
much for a short trip -- this one by myself from the states.

However - you all need to know that SOOOO much good came out of it, as
well. I'm anxious to sit and write a lot when I get home.

I haven't had power or internet for over a week now, so this is a short summary.

- Launching new projects in Zambia
- GREAT weather -- about 80 every day
- Great new friendships and stronger old ones
- Access to drugs when i got sick in Zimbabwe after Zambia

- Bad virus that impacted me for about 7 days
- Sinking my vehicle -- it was bad...story to come
- The seat I had on the way to Africa --- too crammed - pray that i
can change on my way back as i have the exact same one

OK - this isnt even close to what i wanted to write or what needs to
be written. i have a lot to process about chickens, goals, manure,
orphans, illnesses, death, joy, farming, 1.25 quadrillion to 1 USD in
zimbabwe, etc. A LOT of joys and happiness, as well as the challenges

most of all - i miss my wife after being away for 3 weeks. she's a
saint. if you've called or emailed her while i've been away, THANK

I leave now for Johannesburg, there for about 3 hrs and then 18.5 hrs
to DC via senegal, arriving at 6am on the 21st.... I"m sad to miss the
festivities the day before in DC.

I'll be home with my wife on the 22nd in the evening -- lots of plane
trips ahead.

Miss you all and look forward to writing more,
Thanks, sincerely, for praying --- it's been hard, but your prayers
have surely sustained me,

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Anonymous said...

We're glad you are OK. I've been checking every day and hoping that you are well. We anticipate your stories of struggle, suffering, inspiring faith and small miracles.

God bless and rest up.

Annie said...

Safe travels home Ryan. I'm looking forward to reading more when you get a chance to write.