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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1/21: BACK

Friends - I am back to the USA... a land that apparently has a new President, if you haven't heard. Still the same one in Zimbabwe. The joke throughout the trip, as people expressed shock & joy regarding the ease of the American election process, was: "Americans like Change, but we like stability in Africa -- experience -- 29 yrs of it".

All (not so funny) jokes aside - it was a great trip back. Emergency row all to myself, which was FANTASTIC. I needed the space and the rest.

Thanks to all that have been praying. My virus is almost completely gone and the bronchitis is definitely gone. The trick for me is 2 days of rest. I'm tired. Emotionally, physically and mentally.

I wrote a few blog posts on the plane and notes along the way. Stories to come...

thanks for your patience and grace as i recover. i'm in PA for a day and then get home to Katie tomorrow (thursday). again, thanks for loving both of us through this,

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