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Saturday, January 3, 2009

1/3: ironies and isn't God funny

After helping an old lady reach her daughter and grandson with my cell phone (that was a precious conversation to listen in on) and meeting up with a friend from zimbabwe who happens to be going to south africa on the same flight (yah!), we boarded.

Remeber how I just wrote about loving kids????

Well, I'm in the 1st row, with no room to stretch my legs. Guess who is to the right of me? You guessed it. The couple with the twins!!! To the right of them are 2 more young kids. :)

I can hear all the parents out there now. "We'll see how much Ryan loves kids now after 15 hrs with them!!!"

Indeed we will. Had to write and share the irony. Out of 200+ people, I am the lucky one that gets the baby aisle with no leg room. :) I thought row 36A was a good one so I didn't bother complaining on a packed flight. :)

Ha - now I know. Yah kids!!!!

We are ready to take off.

Until south africa,
Wish I had ear plugs,
But I (think) I still love kids,

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Annie said...

Safe travels Ryan. I hope you still like kids after all those hours of travel next to twins. :) I'm looking forward to hearing stories about the kids you meet this trip.