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Sunday, January 4, 2009

1/4: Arrived

1/4: Arrived

I'm now safely in South Africa after a shorter than normal 14hr 10min flight, which can typically last between 18-20 hrs with fuel stops. With that said, it was probably one of the hardest flights for me. My next door neighbor on the flight has the flu. I am against the wall (as I already wrote - note to self - avoid row 36) so no room because no seat in front of me. So I took lots of walks and survived. :) Great dinner, good food, good service (minus my green tv that flickered). Ah how rough I have it! :)

So now I go to the home of friends here, Steve & Michele Lockwood and their four kids. They are missionaries in Johannesburg, South Africa with a group called SIM. Steve is picking me up and taking me to their place, about 10 min from the airport.

We'll eat, catch up, I'll shower, and try to stay awake. We landed at about 3:10pm here, 7 hrs ahead of EST.

Thanks for all your prayers. We got off early, smooth flight, and just trying to stay awake for as long as possible, before crashing and then leaving for Ndola, Zambia in the morning.

May write more before heading back to the airport for the Zambia flight.

Until then, lots of love,

PS We had Steers (a burger/chicken place) and fries. After playing some Wii and getting rocked by a 4 yr old, Steve and I are watching the Atlanta/Arizona NFL game. Don't know ANY of the scores so don't tell me. :)

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