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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A voice from Africa

Yesterday I had a humbling experience. Amidst all the things that I needed to do to prepare for my trip (leaving tomorrow), I decided to call a good friend of mine in Zimbabwe so we could just chat. His voice was calming and peaceful. He is a pastor with a gift of encouragement.

As I shared my anxieties with him, he listened attentively (I could tell). He was soaking up what I was sharing and trying to get to the heart of the matter among my ramblings. You, my friends, know my ramblings all too well.

In the end, his message was clear. Our God will provide. Stop worrying. Come to Africa.

Here is a man that is counseling people daily in the middle of the world's worst economic crises. His country is falling apart and he is standing firm. A rock in the middle of waves of destruction.

It is an honor to be friends with a man like him. This story is common in Zimbabwe. I'm not sure where these folks get this courage. Where we panic at the smallest setback or having to bring a different pair of sandals than we want (that's me yesterday)... it was a good reminder to let go and let God! or whatever the saying get the point.

I'm honored to be going for you all...going to collect the voices of Zambia & Zimbabwe and sharing them with you. This trip will be a trip of stories; stories we all need to hear. I hope that God uses our team to do that...these are stories that need to be told!

Pray on, friends! I'm spending the afternoon packing and writing. I pray that your days are filled with moments of letting go and letting God.

All the best,
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