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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chicken on the way to Choma

We just stopped to change some money in Lusaka after a 4 hr drive from Ndola. We are thankful for the peace that we are experiencing here in Zambia. 7 more checkpoints this morning, without challenge. We even got the chance to help with a road survey they were doing to improve conditions. :) Very different experiences with police in Zambia.

A few quick notes on the trip so far:

1) TCCA was incredible. We saw such a rich faith in each of the people we met. So often we learn about God and our world through our conversations with the people, when we arrive thinking we have something to offer them. Trevor & I continue to see how encouraging they are to us, while we came to encourage them. Psalm 133 has been on my heart this morning as we drove. Please read it, as I don't have the time or patience to write it here with a VERY sticky keyboard at a internet place. I"m in booth #8 by the way.
2) CURE Zambia staff - while we are here to continue the work of Forgotten Voices, it was an amazing experience to see the new CURE Lusaka hospital that opened in December 2006. Please remember Harold, Chaylo (phonetic) (both pictured here with Trevor), Alan, Tim, Hillary, and the rest of the team. Check out

some people to remember: Chilobi (pictured here), a young man moving to Mufulira BIC next week now that he has completed his studies at TCCA. He is pictured here with me. Mufulira BIC, under Chilobi's leadership, is working with an inter-denominational pastors council in the town of Mufulira to help AIDS orphans and those that care for them. Working together, they are assisting 20 orphans and many other projects, all to build God's kingdom. Their funds have been all locally raised (almost $1,000 USD). We praise God for the Stuebins at TCCA, who gave him the skills he is now using to transform parts of the community. Pray for Chilobi as he and others work in the midst of difficult economic conditions, rising HIV infections, and high unemployment. Pray especially for the state of the Christian church, as spirit worship and witchcraft are often masked by claiming the cross of Jesus. Pray that truth emerges and people eat of the Bread of Life and share God's love with their neighbors in words and deed.

Pray also for the leadership of TCCA. Joe, the Principal, has a difficult task in leading staff and molding the present and future leadership of the Christian Church.

We are now off to get chicken and fuel, then continue on to Choma. We will meet with Bishop Thuma of the BIC and Yoma, the head of Compassionate Ministries (which oversees all BIC AIDS projects for Zambia). We will then continue on to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It is an 8 hr drive.

Happy Independence Day for Zambia on Wednesday. 43 years! Celebrate with someone as you pray for us and our friends here working for the Lord.

Be blessed.

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