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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Conversations w/ God's amazing gifts.

Sometimes, especially in the days leading up to my trips to Africa, I easily lose sight over God's provision. While in Africa, I see it all around me because I must. How will we make it from point A to point B on so little fuel? Where are we? What will these people eat today? God continues to provide for our needs! But in the states, there is just something about our ability to choose and take care of ourselves that hides how God provides for us!

These past 2 days have been INCREDIBLE! I've seen God working all around me. Folks, I can't underestimate the power of God and you shouldn't either! On Friday, I met the woman that started the AIDS clinic that grabbed my heart for Africa some 3 years ago. What an amazing honor! She and her husband are returning to Zim later this year. That time w/ them was perhaps one of the greatest pleasures of my life!

This meeting was followed by impromptu time with a man who lived in Zimbabwe for over 2 decades. What a blessing to briefly meet a guy who has dedicated 2/3 of my life to joining in God's work there.

Then, a gentleman unexpectedly called to ask if I had time that day to meet with an Anglican Bishops from Uganda who was traveling the USA. He had heard of our work and wanted to meet with me. Again, how amazing to see the faithfulness of a church leader and a commitment to a lifetime of service to our Lord. This man's heart for the Lord's work was so clearly seen when I looked into his eyes.

I am a guy that LOVES people. Throughout my life, God has used people to correct, inspire, remind, and break me. They are an instrument for his instruction. The past 2 days, my heart has been amazed at how much God loves each of us! How he crafts gifts of love for us in the way that we should receive them. For me, these gifts were found through these conversations.

They showed me that God wants us to be faithful for the marathon, not just the sprint. It's amazing to me how God provides both instruction & encouragement in a way that connects with me just the way I'm listening.

I'm not sure how God is amazing you these days, but I do know this...He is trying! God is always amazing and always showing his love to us. Look around and listen. I'm sure glad I was paying attention these past 2 days. My heart is singing.

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