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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Overwhelmed and Gideon

OCTOBER 9, 2007 @ 10:11AM

Friends - What an amazing experience it is to wake up every morning. After 4 days of being incredibly overwhelmed, I rose this morning with Gideon on my mind.

These past four days, I've been working with others on addressing safety concerns for Zimbabwe. Things continue to decline and safety has been called into question by the State Department. I've also been overwhelmed with the feeling of inadequacy. Waking up every day and realizing that over half the things I must do are beyond my abilities or knowledge gets draining. When we started Forgotten Voices, I had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. From tax law to the legal implications of $15 in gifts to understanding the rules about taking donations from Toronto...not to mention the actual raising of funds and working w/ partners in Africa.

In Zimbabwe, it is now not so much about you giving us $15 and us sending a kid to school. The process now involves bartering, fuel, importing goods, getting the best exchange rate, and THEN paying $15 to send a child to school. It can be overwhelming.

I don't write this to get you to feel bad for us. Instead, I write this to give you a better idea of how you can pray. Our team of volunteers and I do get overwhelmed sometimes. Especially when we are only 10 days away from returning to Africa.

But like I said, Gideon was on my heart this morning and last night. "Go with the faith you have and with the knowledge that I am the one that sent you!" What a powerful message from God!

Today, as you feel overwhelmed by life or feel overwhelmed for us, remember God's message to Gideon. If we go with the faith we have (regardless of how adequate we feel) and the knowledge that God is the one that prepared our day for us, it'll be OK. It's something I'll be remembering this week and something I'll be praying for each of you.

All the best,

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