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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

From Dulles Airport in DC

It is amazing how quickly our worlds can change. I'm sitting by my gate, shooting off last minute emails, eating chocolate covered pretzels and surfing the web to get a pregame read on my beloved Red Sox. I'm sorry that I'll miss their triumphant recovery and eventual victory in the World Series. Africa is calling my name.

To go from this to the developing world is becoming an easier transition. I'm sitting here trying to figure out whether that is good or bad. I just saw my favorite flight attendant outside a coffee shop in the airport. Is it good to have a favorite and to run into them when the last time you saw them was in Johannesburg, South Africa?  She didn't recognize me, of course. But it was comforting. She is VERY good at her job.

In 24 hrs, I will be sleeping on the other side of the world, in a city I've never been to before. It should be a good time. :)

Trevor & I make our way to Ndola, Zambia after a couple days in Lusaka, Zambia's capital. We then will proceed back through Lusaka on our way to Choma and then on to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Over 800 miles in a week along rather bumpy "paved" roads. We are anxious to begin what has been in the works for months. For now, though, we are just waiting for the journey to begin.

I am sad to leave the states and my new wife of 68 days. But as I have been reflecting today, I feel like this is the clearest my purpose has been compared to the 7 previous trips I've made to Africa in the past 3 years. What an amazing privilege it is to go and see these places and share with you what I believe can be done in partnership with local church leaders.

Pray on! The journey from DC to Johannesburg begins in less than 2 hours. For now, I gotta make a couple more calls and get the game time temp for the game. And get a sandwich. AH! I love the USA! See you in Africa!


PS Quick thing... My favorite thing when I come back is getting 2 dunkin donuts (glazed and boston cream) and picking up a nice, cold Dr. Pepper. Just so you know what I'm going to miss the most (besides Katie). :) Oh. And running water is nice, too! I'll enjoy that, as well.

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