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Monday, October 8, 2007

Plane tickets and prayer

OCTOBER 8, 2007 @ 10:12AM
In 11 days, I'm getting on a plane to go back to Africa. It's crazy in Zimbabwe right now. I'm both excited and sad to be going back. Just 2 months into my new marriage, I'll be leaving my wonderful wife to return to my 2nd home. It'll be rough going without her.

As you'll note on the video though, I do know how to have fun when I'm in Africa. :) i try to keep myself cheery, despite all the pain I absorb everyday. Pray that I am able to love as Christ loves us. I am overwhelmed already and can't fathom what I'll be feeling when I see the pain that I am hearing about each day.

This week, please pray for me and our team. Some of the team members still have a lot of money to raise for their trips. It's not cheap to go to Africa, even if its for a good cause.

Also - please pray for me as I work with our partners in Africa leading up to the trip. There is much going on in Zimbabwe (water shortages, fuel is almost gone, bread unavailable, 80-85% unemployment, etc). Pray that we can stay focused and accomplish the tasks that will make our trip a lot easier.

Finally - any time I leave for Africa our fundraising goes way down. It's amazing to me. It should be the opposite. But people need to be reminded to give and if I'm not here, that typically doesn't happen. Please prayerfully consider giving to Forgotten Voices as you read the blog. We still need to raise about 45,000 before the end of the year to meet budget. Pray with me that we are able to accomplish this large task.

Join us as we find leaders in Africa working hard to empower orphans in their communities. Join us as we join them.

This will be a crazy week for me. I have a lot of personal stuff to handle between now and Thursday afternoon, in addition to getting ready to leave in 11 days.

Please join me in praying for our trip and prayer.

Thanks for believing that you can make a difference. My deepest desire for you today is that you are able to make someone's day today. Have a fantastic Monday!


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