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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Internet is nice, but face to face is better

Friends, After traveling for a week, I have finally made it back to a computer. So far, I've been limited to text messages from the ground here in Zambia and Zimabwe (with a day in South Africa). In many ways, that's funny to even type. Limited to text messages. If you could see where I've been, you'd laugh too at the craziness of this above sentence. I beat a Toyota Corolla station wagon into submission driving through many small ponds and through the roughest roads you can imagine. But God has been faithful.
I have so much to write and update you all on, as I've promised more meat in my text messages. Now that the time has come, I feel anything I write is inadequate to fully explain how God has protected me thus far.
Our God is a great big God that loves us each so deeply.
I need to share this with you before the internet faides on me. Therre is much to be done, but there is a lot going well in Zambia. The church there is alive and well. It was amazing to see so many great leaders anxiously pouring out themselves for the sake of others in their community. With 1 million orphans in the country of 10 million, there is much to do. Bu, it was inspiring to talk to pastors in the most remote areas of the world... working hard for God's glory.
Let me also say this before I go. I'm thankful for each of you. As I escorted a police officer yesterday for 2 hours since many police stations don't have cars in Africa, we drove by chickens and monkeys and turtles and people carrying the strangest things. We discussed life in Zambia and his struggles personally and professionally. We covered a lot of ground in our talk. He taught me a lot. It was funny to rumble down the "paved" roads from Zimba to Livingstone and realize this is my life. This is actually my life.
After meeting with leaders of the AIDS program in Zambia, I'm confident we can work out a partnership to assist orphans throughout the country. I"m praying for partners like yourselves to join Forgotten Voices in this endeavor.
I can't tell you how much pain I've seen since I've been here, but I really to need to emphasize how hopeful I am that something can be done in Zambia.
Pray for Zimbabwe. Things here are as bad as I've ever seen them, worse than I have ever imagined. Morale is low throughout and people have this quiet persistence, but a hopeless spirit in a way. Its hard to explain. But they still smile when you wave and welcome you warmly when you come for a visit. It's part of their makeup that will never go away, no matter the economic state.
I ramble on...
Last thing... never ever forget God's love for you, for me, and the orpahns of Africa. He sees each of us and knows our hearts desire. Let us never forget, the midst of our busy lives, to praise God and give thanks in all things. The people of Zambia reminded me of that in their way of life and Zimbabweans are showing me that again.
Our God loves you very much. Thanks for loving me and reading my ramblings.
Now, I gotta leave the pest control business that is graciously allowing me to use their computer. in Africa. Will write more tomorrow at about 4am your time.

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