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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The beginning...again

Words cannot adequately express the joy I feel every time I think of returning to Africa. It's as if I've belonged there my whole life and am instead here in the USA. I know very clearly that I am not and probably will never be "African", but I feel "African" so much of the time.

In a week, I depart for Zambia and Zimbabwe. Zambia is a new country for me and I'm looking forward to visiting projects throughout the south western part of the country. I'll be exploring new opportunities for FVI to partner with and visiting some of the best practices in Zambia.

In Zimbabwe, I'll have a busy schedule if all goes well. By busy, I mean there is a lot to do in a short amount of time...not necessarily that I'll get everything I want to do done. From improving flow of reporting to setting up farms with Young Life to exploring microfinance opportunities involving chickens... the plate will be full. I just hope I get to 50% of them by the time the trip is done.

I'm excited about introducing 2 nurses and a teacher from the USA to our existing projects. Long-term, I'd love to have quarterly medical teams coming to Zimbabwe. The team and I will be planning a curriculum for professional development at the hospital and at the Theological College of Zimbabwe. We'll also be running orphan camps, conducting visits to the hospitals,

Plans are always a little shaky when I go to Africa. My 4WD vehicle isn't confirmed yet, I don't have accomodations yet for Zambia, and I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to get money yet in Livingstone. A lot to pray about for sure. Little things in Africa can take a LONG time.

I am thrilled to be going back again. Look for more posts as we get closer!

-Ryan Keith

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