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Friday, January 26, 2007

Borders, SAA lounge, and Uncertain Travel

Greetings again. I write to you from the SAA lounge for frequent travelers. My first time taking advantage of this service. Let me tell you, I'll always stop in now that I know what is in this place. AWESOME!
Anyway, I'm writing to ask for prayer for the next 2 days. I'm flying into Livingstone in just 2 hours. I should be there around 6:30am EST, or 12:30pm local time. I'll be met by a local couple, Emma and Richard (who I don't know). They'll drive me to the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, where I'll hopefully be able to acquire my vehicle that is waiting on the ZImbabwe side. Lord willing it won't be a hassle. I'll need to secure insurance, go to the bank, and then find my lodge (Maramba River Lodge if you wanna Google it). If there is time, I'd love to see Victoria Falls from the Zambian side. I've seen them from the Zimbabwean side 3 times already and will be back at the end of August before heading back to the states.
There are a lot of missing pieces to the next couple days, but that's what makes this so fun.
Oh - for my avid readers. The group of young adults were mostly peace corps people setting off for their african and asian assignments. They've been at Georgetown University getting some briefing and now will be in Johannesburg for a couple months before setting off for their 2 year stints. It was fun to listen to them talk to others.

Favorite travelers so far: 12 people going to Malawai to learn about what World Vision is doing there. Their church in NC is exploring getting involved. They were special to me for 2 reasons: 1) they were setting out just like our group of 12 did in July 2004; 2) They were genuinely interested in pursuing the best path forward. They sat all around me on the flight, so it was fun to learn what they were thinking and discuss the state of churches in the states working with Africa. They taught me soooo much and I just loved listening to their hearts.
OK - I gotta go and finish my breakfast. Oh - for those interested in health - small common cold from the adjustment of temperature and lack of sleep. But, feeling really good. Should be back to par by tomorrow. OJ with lots of pulp, my vitamins, and medicine are already kicking this thing.

Bye for now -Ryan

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