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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hope Chapel Community School

Meet Pastor and Mrs. Fredrick Mumba: Pastor Mumba is married to Faides and together they have five kids, Jed'daya 16, Ishisha 14, Abgail 12, Chikondi 10 and Erishamah one month. They also keep three orphans, making the total number of children to eight.

Pastor Mumba's passion for children is not only seen from the orphans he and his wife have brought in the family. They have an even greater family of kids at their church community school. They have chosen to help children from underprivileged homes by giving them some education before they are swept by the harsh and cruel community surrounding them. Faides and other teachers volunteer in teaching these children and because of this it has been difficulty to keep teachers for long. However, what Faides and pastor Mumba are doing to these children is quite humbling and commendable. They have chosen to say "yes" to giving hope to the kids at no cost.

Fredrick graduated from TCCA in 2000 and since then he chose to minister among these poor people of Mushili Compound in Ndola. In 2001, together with his quite impoverished church members, they believed God and embarked on building a church that would also serve as a community school to serve the surrounding community. Most of the children they serve come from homes that have been affected by the HIV pandemic and are orphans, some of whom are themselves infected and are on treatment. It is also worth to note that a number of them live with their grandparents that are incapable of either educating them or helping them receive medical help when they need it. The church has demonstrated the love of Jesus Christ by taking up these parental responsibility.

The school runs from the first graders to the sixth and has an enrollment of 150 pupils. In order to teach them better, the school provides food for the children as most of them come from homes where they only eat one meal a day. The feeding program has helped in encouraging a positive class attendance. One of the former kids at the school is currently doing her grade 9 at a high school; when I asked her what she longs to become after her studies, she said "a teacher". It was so humbling to see children who might not have seen the inside of a classroom being given a chance to be educated and even dream of becoming "teachers" themselves.

These are the children you give a lifeline when you donate to the ministry of Forgotten Voices. I therefore encourage you to remember orphans in African as you journey through this year. Your help is very much appreciated... you have to see the smiles to appreciate!

Your fellow servant in Christ,


Program Director - Zambia
Forgotten Voices

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