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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1b: Changes make me smile & cry

Ever stand in a line, thinking you are going to be there all day? You stand in line sooooo long that you ready to be taught patience? You stand so long that you start to enjoy waiting...the expectation of whatever it is that you need to do? That's usually me getting ready for Africa. There are ALWAYS a thousand and one things that happen leading up to the trip's departure that I ALWAYS leave learning tons of things about patience, limitations, and to enjoy the ride!

This trip - my 12th (I think) - it's the opposite. I was kinda bummed. I didn't realize it was going to snow today. Snow meant a threat of delay for our Saturday morning flight to NYC, so we could catch a 10:30am flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. Well, we are now leaving TODAY -- not Saturday so we can make sure to be in NYC on time. So, instead of being on "Africa Time" and learning to wait, things have changed. I'm needing to learn about how to hurry! Leaving in less than 10 hrs now and I have A LOT TO DO!

My wife and I just saw our growing baby for the 1st time this past Wednesday. It's going to be hard to say goodbye a day earlier than planned, let alone say goodbye for 2 weeks! MAN I LOVE MY WIFE!

So, that's the thing about traveling. You learn all kinds of things about dealing with changes. I wonder what God is going to teach me and you on this trip? Almost all of my trips it has been about patience. This trip, the lessons are swirling about dealing with unexpected surprises like leaving a day early. Early + Africa don't often go together. It's one of the MANY things I love about the continent.

So - pray that Steve, my dad and I enjoy the ride! The long roads, breaking down (NO THANKS), no cell reception, etc AND that we seize the sudden surprises --- like changing things around.

God always makes me smile, even when I have to cry and say goodbye a day early to my wife. But, as genuinely sad as I am to leave her and our growing baby yet to be born, I'm absolutely PUMPED about 1) Seeing our church partners, friends and the kids excited for schools to reopen this coming week! and 2) Leaving this FRIGID weather for 88 degree heat! :) SEE YA!!!

Today - as you read this and think and pray about our trip, look around. What changes is God placing in your path that may make you cry, but may lead to smiles? I wonder...

What's our purpose of going? Tune in tomorrow or maybe even later today for a quick break down.


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