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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18: "Christian Hope in a Confusing World"

Yesterday, I wrote about hope, faith and idealism in the wake of challenges. In addition to my afternoon with Elias Mudzuri, which I wrote about, I was also inspired to write about such things because of a sermon I heard on Sunday at Park Street Church in Boston. NT Wright delivered a message called "Christian Hope in a Confusing World." You can listen to it here. I highly recommend taking the time to listen.

Tonight, I took advantage of NT being in the area and went to a lecture of his on Reconstructing Hope and why we should do anything at all, which explored what Hope means for Christians in these unstable times. It was a related, but different message from Sunday's. Tomorrow (Wed) and Thursday, both at 7pm - Longfellow Hall - Harvard Graduate School of Education, he'll be taking questions from people about Jesus and how he (NT) views Jesus' role in reconstructing hope for our world.

If you live in the Boston area, I highly recommend you coming out. More info here.
Reconstructing Hope: The Search for Sustainable Good
with N.T. Wright, Anglican Bishop of Durham and the man Newsweek calls the world's leading New Testament Scholar.

Tuesday, 11/18, 7 pm:
Why Do Good in a Hopeless World?

Wednesday, 11/19, 7 pm:
What is Good in a World that Defies Hope?

Thursday, 11/20, 7 pm:
Doing Good: What Plus Hope Equals Change?

All lectures in Longfellow Hall at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
If you've ever wondered what Christianity is all about or why people follow Jesus, then this event is for you! Come explore the tougher and challenging questions to Christianity with N.T. Wright as he begins a series on Hope in today's world.
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