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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/17: "Some Monday, surely it will happen"

Friends - Today, I had the good fortune of spending my afternoon with Elias Mudzuri, a member of the Zimbabwean Parliament, who also serves as the Organizing Secretary of the MDC and is a graduate of Harvard's Kennedy School, where I am attending now. Elias was also the former Mayor of Harare. It was a fascinating discussion about the future of Zimbabwe and how he sees the next few months playing out. He referenced an old Shona saying that is loosely translated, "Some Monday, surely it will happen."

This struck me as the embodiment of my experiences with Zimbabweans. The endless faith that surely the the good is just around the corner. Surely, despite the challenges, the end is near.

Every day when I wake up, I try to remember the challenges my friends have faced while I slept and look at each day as an opportunity to help alleviate some of those challenges, if I am able. Every day, we each have the gift to improve the state of our world, in whatever cause we strive for and act toward.

At Forgotten Voices, we approach each day with the realization that 500 people will die because of AIDS and 1,000 new children will become orphaned in Zimbabwe, with slightly less in Zambia. The challenges are surely great, but some Monday, surely change -- change will happen. Surely, the rains will come a bit more, the crops will grow, and children will find their way back to school. Surely, some day, moms and dads will no longer be worrying about fighting for their lives due to lack of food, or fighting off sores from AIDS that make their lives miserable. Surely, some day we will rise again with a new day when all of us will stand, united by the belief that we have worked hard, loved deeply, and helped vulnerable children and their families realize that today will indeed be better than yesterday.

Sure - I'm an optimist. Sure - I may be TOO idealistic. But dreams come true eventually, as my hero Martin Luther King, Jr or Ms Peaco have taught me. They take sweat, tears, hard work, and love.

Today, whether you are helping work for our story at Forgotten Voices or you happen to cross paths with another adventure like ours for a different cause, I dare you to dream about this idea that "Some Monday, surely it will happen." Surely, "Some Monday, sure life for millions of children in southern Africa will be better. I, for one, cannot wait for Tuesday to come so I can keep working for next Monday's dream to become reality. Who knows? Anyone ready to join me in finding out?

Make someone's day today. You all, everyday, help make mine by believing in our mission and investing in our dreams. Thanks!

Much love from Boston,

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