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Friday, August 29, 2008

8/29: Push pins and prayer

So - I am a push pin guy. I tack up things on the cork board next to my desk. I partly do it to remind myself of things, but I also think I really do it because I enjoy tacking things up for the pure joy of it. It's just like some people like to pop the bubble wrap that comes in packages sent through the mail.

One item that does actually get use is the prayer card to the right. It's a famous prayer credited to lots of people, including a young pastor in Zimbabwe. I welcome any insights on where it actually, factually came from. I take it off when I need a reminder to offer up my life to God, in service to Him and our world.

This is the other side of the word of commitment that I wrote about yesterday. Generally speaking, this prayer side is not the one I see. But I've put it back on with the prayer side up.

It's obvious to me that the push-pins on my cork board DO have the possibility to improve my recollection of important things AND give me joy when I push pin things into the cork board.

You all are becoming an important part of my day, so I thought I'd share what's around me when I write to you. Be well, friends. I am, in fact, praying for you daily, as you each do your thing for the Lord and for our world. Keep it going,


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