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Monday, September 1, 2008

9/1: Stalemate in Zimbabwe

Today, I'm going with some classmates to the JFK museum and library to learn about our USA President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Should be interesting. I haven't been there in years...since I was a kid.
On this day, September 1st, back in 1961:
3:00-3:30pm President Kennedy Meeting with chief arms negotiator Arthur Dean as the Soviet Union resumes atmospheric nuclear testing

The tour promise that we'll walk away inspired and renewed to pursue consensus building in the wake of challenges...I guess referring to our country's standoff in the Cuban Missile Crises.

It could be referring to the on-going tension in a land I love deeply. Zimbabwe continues to be in a standoff, as well...but internally. Read about it here.

Continue to pray for the situation there. Prices of goods now rise 40% every 2 days....creating havoc for shoppers and shop owners, as well as the police that circle around to make sure prices are "right".

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