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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8/27: Victor Nakah's Coming to the USA!

Friends -

Victor Nakah has become one of my closest friends. He's a man that is leading a family, a seminary, and a church in Zimbabwe - one of the world's most challenging places to live. And he's doing it with joy.

Victor Nakah serves as the President of the Theological College of Zimbabwe. He is coming to the USA for about 3 weeks to speak at various conferences and churches to share the story of TCZ and the role it is playing in shaping the African church. Victor is one of the finest leaders I have ever met and I've learned a TON about the ways people, the church, and the local communities can come together. There is perhaps no greater influence on how I dream about Forgotten Voices' future than the lessons I've learned from Victor Nakah.

One of the most significant ways Vic has shaped my thinking about Africa is his constant emphasis on JOY and what is working well. Vic is always quick to add things that are going well throughout the African continent,
including pointing out some of the many ways the local church is getting opportunities to share the love of God with people in Zimbabwe.

Vic, the very 1st time I met him, shared that it is important to frame the successes of people facing tough challenges - so we don't overlook all the ways God is providing. It is easy to see need in the midst of trial and much tougher to see w
hat God is doing.

I'm SOOOOO excited that Vic is coming to the USA. Vic will be speaking specifically on TCZ's relationship with Forgotten Voices on 2 different occasions:
If you are able, PLEASE try to come out and see him. You won't regret it! You'll walk away inspired, challenged and stretched in new ways.

For now - while you wait for the real deal - I invite you to review his bio to learn more about the father, leader, pastor and my friend. Victor Nakah Profile


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