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Friday, November 2, 2007

Note from Zimbabwe - No Power/Water

First off - we are safe. Nate & Ellen arrived safely on Tuesday. It's
been great to have them back. WE've been without power since then,
thus the long delays.

Friends - I ask that you lift up our friends in Zimbabwe in prayer.
There is no water in the southern part of the country and power comes
on at random. There is a national chemistry exam for the next 2 hrs so
I am taking the chance to get online.

WE have been without water for toilets, cooking, etc for 3 days. The
people here have been without for 2 weeks now. Water comes on for an
hour every 4 days and people rush to fill their buckets with water
that must be filtered and cleaned several times before boiling.

All and all, we are safe and enjoying our time here. When we think of
these inconveniences it makes me both thankful for home and thankful
for the sacrifices of those choosing to work here. Any of our
leadership partners could be anywhere in the world. They are bright
and connected, but they choose to work among the widows and orpahns in
very challenging times.

Please continue praying for us as we work in the rural areas through
Sunday. We will then return to one of the large cities in Zimbabwe for
3 days before returning back to the USA on Thursday. We depart
Wednesday afternoon.

Please PLEASE join us in praying for rain! Also - I ask taht you pray
for the hearts of our team as they see more pain & death than they
have seen before. I took the day off to rest and refresh after 16
straight days of traveling. My heart was weary and I needed to
rest/pray and spend time with people.

My heart goes out to you all and my sincere thanks is extended to each
of you for believing in this world. I am 100% dedicated to our mission
and am so blessed to be working along side church leaders on your

Our brothers and sisters in Christ are doing amazing things! Continue
to pray for them as they pray for us! Tomorrow, we spend time with a
child who hasn't grown in 2 years. At age 10, he is a child head of
household after losing his siblings and parents. He looks very small
for his age. He is HIV+. Pray for us as we press on!

Blessings! Until we have power again,
Note from Ryan Keith, Forgotten Voices
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