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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happiness & Money

Later today I'm guest lecturing in an Adult Development/Psychology class that just finished discussing matters of wealth & retirement. This got me thinking about the topic in terms of Africa. Over and over, I find people in Zimbabwe unable to fathom what wealth is like in the USA. That may be a good thing. Yet, many people in southern Africa are wrestling with how to help the poor in their communities, while we in the West tend to lump all Africans as poor.

So - I did a little research online on a concept called "relative deprivation principle" (a complicated way to summarize the above) and learned a lot about how our minds adjust to wealth as we grow older and its impact on our happiness.

You may find some of this interesting. Here is just one link that I found helpful! I'd welcome your emails if you have other things to share that would help me understand this challenge better.

Happy Thursday!

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