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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15: My Tears and Their Farms

Today has been one of those days when seemingly everything makes me cry. From emails from old friends to watching something precious happen to a stranger on the sidewalk. To instantly being overwhelmed by the job I have, with the knowledge that we can't help them all. Reading about a friend letting his wife pursue God into heaven. I'm not ashamed to cry much anymore. Inconvenienced a bit, especially at the library, but not ashamed. It didn't use to be that way. I used to try to hide it (still do sometimes...). I try to be still. Confident. Resolved.

I've seen too much now. I've held too many hands of dying people. I've watched too many kids here in the USA walk gleefully up to me and hand me their change to give to kids in Africa. I've watched people like you respond in love to people you don't even know, simply because people like me have asked you to love them, as Christ loved us. I've watched my parents set an incredible example.

Today, I (re)came to a new I've certainly had before, but I one I honestly thought I had discovered myself for the 1st time...

It is ok to cry. It's ok to cry for joy and for sorrow. So, today, I cried a bit, mostly overwhelmed by how incredibly awesome it is that I get to work with each of you to help equip local churches in Africa in their daunting task of loving an ever growing number of precious children. THANK YOU.

Today, I celebrate with you this:

Five Guys (3 pastors, a hospital administrator, and the head of an AIDS clinic we help fund) all went to the Farming God's Way Conference last month in March because of your generous support. While I don't yet have pictures of the conference, I know that lives were changed. Farms, using this no-tilling/mulching method, will be planted this coming year, yielding an average of 300% above traditional farming. Tomorrow morning, Forgotten Voices will be sending money to Farming God's Way's Zimbabwe operation to help them start about 100 new farms that will feed an estimated 1,000 people this year, including orphans, widows, and those that care for them.

Pictures from some of my trips to see Farming God's Way's work and how it is helping the churches and people we (you and me) serve through Forgotten Voices.

Press on and make today count,

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