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Friday, June 27, 2008

6/27: Kid Story: $1 for Soccer Helping Change the World

There are few things I love more than kids. I love the way they are able to take our complex problems and come up with the simple solutions that get to the heart of the matter. Every time I think I am about to teach a kid something new, I learn.

This morning, I played basketball at the church I attend in Pennsylvania. It has become a staple of my routine and a great stress reliever. I use it as a 2 hr opportunity to run, jump and take great joy in the breath God gives me to enjoy.

This morning, I was especially stressed... a lot of unknown changes are on the horizon for Zimbabwe with the election Friday.

After finishing, I was SOOO thankful I chose to do a quick lap around the 1st floor of our church to find out who was around and say hello.

I came across 3 kids and a proud mom, who was eager to tell me how her 3 kids & their dad were doing something incredible this summer. I beamed at them as I heard that once a week, the dad gives free soccer lessons to other kids in the neighborhood. This family decided that every kid should be asked to contribute $1 every week, which will go to Forgotten Voices.

Through this locally developed, locally run community project in Pennsylvania, the kids in the neighborhood of Mechanicsburg, PA benefit AND help kids on the other side of the world get an opportunity to go to school, learn how to farm, etc through church run orphan care projects in southern Africa.

This is just one encouraging story of how God is working in amazing ways through the hearts of 3 kids and a dad in Central Pennsylvania.

They had heard of the need for kids in Africa and decided that the 3 of them and their dad could help change the world.

Stories like this also make me want to run, jump, and enjoy EVERY breath that the Lord gives me today! How about you? :)

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