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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

6/7: Whales, Prisons, and Good Meat

Friends - a quick post. Yesterday, we arrived in Margate, South Africa, about 1.5 hrs south of Durban on the east coast of south africa, along the Indian Ocean.

We are down here spending a few days with one of our business partners from Bulawayo - dear friends of mine, as well. They are on holiday, getting away from the stresses of Zim for a couple weeks and graciously welcomed us to come to their time share. They picked us up in Johannesburg on their way down.

Today - Katie, our host, and I went to meet with a farmer from this area that is also working in orphan care and helping with prison fellowship - teachign Farming God's Way (one of the programs we help fund). He's trying to get some things started to help orphans and prisoners in Zim - so our time together was quite good. Please be praying for his ministry. For obvious reasons - don't want to give too many details. Working in Zim is tough enough already. The family story is incredible .... a real blessing.

We had some incredible meat at this guy's house - we cooked a braai, which is like a BBQ. They have 11 kids, 6 grown adults and then 5 youngsters that they adopted. It was quite the feast and people kept showing up. An amazing story. Incredible really. We were so thankful to have time with him and share in what God is doing in our respective ministries. The time over meat allowed us to talk about lots of ways to help each other and Zimbabwe. Time well spent.

This morning, Katie and I woke up to the news that whales were going by our flat. So we rushed out. 5 groups of them, probably 10+ in total. It was incredible! They come through this time of year, trying to swim to slightly warmer weather up the eastern coast of Africa. Following the whales, we enjoyed about 10 dolphins swimming by. Serving the Lord is incredible work and we are thankful to see nature while working here - how faithful and gracious is our God????

Pray for the day tomorrow (Sunday). We are going to church in Margate and then I'll spend some of the day with Katie at the beach. We are taking Sunday off and spending it with our friends here. In the evening, I plan to do a bit of writing.

Pray also for our next week - plans are coming together nicely. But a lot to still work out to firm up the next 7 days. Please be praying continually for divine connections. ALready, I feel it was wise to not go to Zim and god has been connecting us to incredible people that I never would've met in Zim - but will help Forgotten Voices grow deeper & wider.

Finally - pray for me. I'm coming down with a sore throat - generally a precursor for getting very sick when I travel. Please pray that I slow down for a day and get some good rest in...taking meds, vitamins and eating well (as i wrote above).

Katie is amazing! I love her more every day. Today, we celebrated an incredible 301 days of marriage. She is such a blessing to my life and I love her more and more - SOOOO Thankful for her. And I'm thankful for you.

Pray on and thanks for reading,
Until tomorrow,
Ryan & Katie

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Sarah W said...

Hi Ryan! I met you in August of 2006 while my brother in law was doing the gorge swing and you were hosting a team in Zim. My husband and I serve as missionaries with Love Botswana in Maun. I've been following your and Katie's blog and just wanted to let you know that we're keeping you in prayers as you travel and make connections. Wish you could get to Botswana sometime! :) Enjoy your day of rest....hopefully it will do good for your health! Bless you both!