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Monday, February 26, 2007

Post Trip Blues, Whites & Greens

I think it is normal for travelers to come back and have a hard time adjusting. If it weren't for Katie, I wouldn't be here in the USA at all... at least that's how I've felt for 3 days until today. I've had the traveling blues a lot since getting back.

The white that has surrounded me since I have come back has been overwhelming. As white as the greens that surrounded me just a week ago when I was in Zimababwe. Green all around that gave life to the people of Victoria Falls, Hwange and western Zambia. A stark contrast from the brown, rain deprived fields around Bulawayo. Pray for rain.

But today, even though I am still a bit blue from jet lag and lacking sleep, I was struck by how amazing this journey continues to be for me.

All around me is a sea of white that will provide much needed water for our fields in the coming spring and summer months. How lucky we are to be living around so much water.

And how fortunate I am to be able to tell the stories of people that I have met. And through those stories, I hope to share the blues that come with rain and pour blessings upon my friends and FVI's partners in Africa.

Now, the task is to raise some green for those that need it. Friends, FVI has been challenged to help thousands of orphans in Africa. Will our response be brown and dead or green and alive?

I ramble. Sleep awaits. Thanks for reading.

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