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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Waffles, technology, and really fast internet

Friends, we are back from Africa. After an uneventful 19 hr flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Washington DC (with a quick stopover in Senegal), we are home. I arrived back in my house around noon on Monday.

On the way home, I stopped at Waffle House for some breakfast with my fiancee, Katie. Talk about a great way to transition back into the states. We were warmly welcomed with a host of "Good mornings" and were provided a menu that had more in stock than I had seen in a month. Everything on the menu, they had. An amazing thought.

It was funny to be back in the states, surrounded by such technology as cash registers that work, radios that had more than govt propoganda, ipods, laptops racing in coffee shops, and these amazingly effective traffic signals that actually have working green, yellow, and red lights attached to them.

Most amazing is how consumed I've already become with the internet. The superfast connection is addicting for so many, including me. As soon as people heard I was back, I was bombarded with emails, picture requests, phone calls over the internet, etc. And I was back at it. After surviving on 3 real encounters with the internet while in Africa, I came to not depend on it. Now I'm back at it. :)

Anyway... these are just some random thoughts. I'll post some real reflections on the trip later. For now, off to dinner with my beautiful fiancee and have a few errands to run (like paying bills that I forgot about).

Love to you all... will post real reflections tomorrow.


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