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Monday, February 12, 2007

Reality Check - Zimbabwe

Friends - Continue praying for rain. What a great year it has been for Forgotten Voices. Over 1,000 children have been sent to school. Over 700 homebased care workers trained, over 300 kits distributed. So far on this trip, FVI has launched partnerships to train 800 pastors through the Christian Leadership Resource Centre. We've launched a partnership to send 25 kids to school at a church called "The Rock" and have the potential to send an additional 1,000 kids after reviewing items when I get back to the states. Praise God for this good work. And pray for donors to rise up to pay for it all. :)
Today, I'm writing to you from the Mtshabezi AIDS Clinic about an hour south of Bulawayo. We've been here for 2.5 days and have 2 days remaining. This is my first real chance to write, as texting doesn't work out here and internet is at 12k, about the speed of dialup in 1995.
This has been a reality check for all of the team. Access to any kind of technology for medical needs and resources for daily living are substaintailly lacking in this part of Zimbabwe. With very few rains, the already traumatic situation is magnified.
There is much to pray about. Pray for rain, pray for health of the workers here, pray for a doctor, and pray for traveling mercies for patients coming/going.
Praise God for rain on 3 occassions, although each were very brief. Praise God for health of our team. Besides 2 bad bug bites for my dad, a lizard in the bed, and some minor sunburns, we've all been very healthy. Praise God for 4 nurses-in-training that are here on assignment and each have had the opportunity to go into the field with us to see patients. They are now all more likely to stay in Mtshabezi since they have been exposed to home based care.
Blessings, my friends. Pray on. Pray for RAIN! PRAY FOR RAIN! PRAY FOR RAIN!
I'll be out of touch until Wednesday, most likely. We will be out in the community visiting patients and schools. Love to you all.

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