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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Friday, December 12, 2008

12/13 - He Gives Me a Reason to Give

Fibion is not your average pastor. In fact, it is extremely unlikely that his name will ever appear on a Sunday morning bulletin or on a prominently displayed church marquee. Fibion is the pastor of church in Bulawayo, one of Zimbabwe's infamous urban centers. Despite the fact that his congregation encompasses a wide variety of demographics which include both the young and old, families, single mothers, teenagers, and children, they all have one thing in common: the HIV/AIDS virus has drastically altered their lives. The majority of these parishioners have seen this virus slowly and painfully take the lives of their closest friends and family. Indeed, many even now are struggling to survive the death sentence of AIDS. To say that this church needs a special pastor is to make a gross understatement. They need a pastor who is committed to their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. They need a representative of God who can authentically demonstrate the unwavering, all-surpassing love of Jesus in a place of unimaginable suffering and emotional exhaustion. They need Fibion.

One of Fibion's most defining and inspirational characteristics is his loyalty. He has chosen to remain in the service of his struggling congregation in Bulawayo even though other, more lucrative opportunities have presented themselves. For him, the road is decidedly straight and narrow. He loves the people in his church and is deeply committed to meeting their needs. In fact, even though Fibion lives on a very limited salary, he often chooses to give away the little money he has to pay for a community member's transportation costs, an orphan's school fees, or an elderly parishioner's medical expenses. This, in turn, has caused even the poorest in his church to do the same by the testimony of his example. In Fibion's church love is on the move. It is a love that has flowed from God through the gift of Jesus to Fibion and from Fibion through his generosity to his incredible congregation.

It is difficult for me to think of the mission of Forgotten Voices (demonstrating the love of Jesus by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical and spiritual needs of AIDS orphans in their communities) without thinking of Fibion. He embodies the mission of the organization in the flesh. He gives me a reason to give. When I think of Fibion, I desperately want to support the endless and exhausting work he is doing. I want him to know that his daily efforts are not forgotten. Together, we can ensure that Fibion is empowered to reach out in love to those in his community who are heavy on his heart. In partnership with Fibion's church, Forgotten Voices is helping send over 40 children to school and meet other needs of those who care for them.

As the glorious day of Jesus' arrival draws ever near, please consider giving to the work Fibion is doing with a gift to Forgotten Voices. Place your hand in the hand of a vulnerable child from Bulawayo or a single mother dying from AIDS who are both looking forward, with great anticipation, to the Savior's return.

Please join Fibion. Only together can we make a difference. Please click here to give.

With sincere gratitude and blessing,


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