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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12 - What I am NOT asking

Christmas is inspiring. The meaning and anticipation of this Advent season, in combination with all the general festivities which accompany it, inspire a special sense of connectivity and concern for our fellow man. Whether in carol or conversation, we find our hearts softened with a special desire for universal prosperity and on earth peace for all men. We each manifest these tidings of the Season in different ways, but most likely this is the time of year where are hearts are filled with a unique sense of generosity. How can we help but feel this way in response to the amazing love God has demonstrated to us in the undeserved gift of Christ Jesus? But in the West we suffer from conscience and compulsion. We are great at pushing charity but are not so good at promoting justice. And during this time of year we can easily feel pressured to give of ourselves (and out wallets) because, well, it's the Christmas thing to do. For goodness sakes, it's even the Christian thing to do!

If you have frequented the pages of this blog during the month of December, you are no stranger to the fact that I have asked you to consider giving to the work of Forgotten Voices. Sometimes it's helpful to define something by what it's not. Therefore, I want to take a moment and express what I am not asking you to do.

I am not asking you to give to Forgotten Voices out of guilt or compulsion.
I am not asking you to give to Forgotten Voices because Africa is a dark content devoid of hope.
I am not asking you to support Forgotten Voices with resources that you do not have (either money or time).
I am not asking you to make Forgotten Voices your Christmas charity simply because you need someplace to give.
I am not asking you to give to Forgotten Voices because of a tax deduction.

Encouraging someone to give for any of the previous reasons cheapens what this movement is really all about. Forgotten Voices is demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in Southern Africa to meet the physical and spiritual needs of AIDS orphans in their communities. If you have ever felt the love of God in your life, then you have the greatest reason to give! Moreover, I can easily provide you with at least 10,000 other good reasons to give each with hopeful, bright eyes and smiles to match. I am coming to understand the Advent season as a call to give. To give of yourself first to God and then to give of God's resources, which he has entrusted in our care, to others. If at any point during this Advent season, or in those past, you have been overwhelmed - even for a moment - with a special sense of love and compassion , then I whole-heartedly encourage you to share that love through a financial gift to Forgotten Voices. We even have a special way that you can give and receive a certificate to honor someone special in your life this Christmas.

Tomorrow I look forward to sharing with you a couple of people who inspire me to give. Let this Christmas season be a time in which your love abounds for family, friends, and vulnerable children who desperately need your voice.

Love and blessings,


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