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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Xosa, Brick Breaker and the Brady Bunch

Jet lag is always difficult for me to get over for about 2 days, then I'm good. Katie went out to a women's bible study with a friend of ours here in South Africa, leaving me to entertain myself and try to stay awake.

The only news was in Xosa, a language spoken here. I tried to follow, but kept drifting away.

I then moved to break breaker, a simple game on my BlackBerry. That typically keeps me enthralled as I try to beat Katie's high score.... for the record, she just passed me after I held the record(s) for 2 straight months.

The kids that live in the house I'm staying at asked to watch Brady Bunch. It was the episode where the Brady kids and Mrs. Brady help save a local park from being ruined by a city building, being designed by Mr. Brady. It was a fascinating lesson in civil disobedience and social action! A great lesson for me to remember as I go to Zambia in the morning and then return to South Africa, where riots and social disagreements abound these days near Johannesburg.

For now - it is time to sleep. 10pm local time is a good time to crash. We leave at 7am local time for the airport to catch our 9:30am flight to Ndola.

It may be a day or 2 before I am able to write again. Thanking God for safety. Pray specifically that we are able to change 1 leg of our flight - could be a breeze or a major headache. We'll know tomorrow, but you may not know until Saturday. Pray on!

THANKS! much love,

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