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"Demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

waiting begins

We are at the airport in DC waiting to board. Lunch at fuddruckers - I got "the works" and katie got a cheeseburger. We are now waiting...

Everytime I go to africa I learn new lessons on waiting. While we waited for our burgers to be customized, a woman and her son stood bye. I could tell she was a new traveler, yet her son was experienced. As they stood, the mother's patience began wearing thin when the 3-5 min wait approached 3. She proclaimed to all willing to hear her plea that she was famished. Not true, of course... But language we have allowed to become commonplace.

I have quite a lot to do yet on the flight over. Working with some projects on restructuring some things to deal with the rising challenges in Zim, even though we aren't going there. The needs, as they should, will follow me as I go.

I remember when we first came to Africa. I waited patiently for Delta to fix a mistake in the computer that had me flying back from Bulawayo, but no record of me getting there. Now as I sit in DC, I am humbled to realize that the work we are grateful to be part of in Zim continues every day... Not waiting for me. Its awesome!

Right now, as I sit here, I know of several people actively working to help our cause. Our small family has grown a bit to a comitted team of volunteer leaders. They will not wait, but advance Forgotten Voices while I travel. Sooooo proud of them and thankful for all the ways they help our little engine churn.

So - still waiting. I wish I had more exciting news. I did just have a Dr. Pepper. For those that know me well, you know that brings me great joy.

Anyway - I need to go do 1 or 2 things as my friends in Zim like to say. Katie is reading what looks like an interesting book about eating disorders. She is definitely the smart one in our team and an amazing travel companion. And beautiful. I hope she reads this later. :)

Look for lots of stories of how we entertained ourselves waiting along this journey. Waiting, love, promise, peril, and refreshing encounters all come to mind when I think of Africa.

Bye for now,
May jot a note before takeoff if I have something better to say,

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