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Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidential Candidates on HIV/AIDS Issues

I am VERY careful not to get involved in mixing politics and Forgotten Voices. That's not our business. We are an organization commited to orphan care in Africa, in partnership with local churches working hard every day to serve in a way Christ called us all to serve.

However, I am often asked my thoughts on the Presidential candidates' positions on HIV/AIDS and development aid to Africa. My opinions aren't that significant, but the positions of the candidates themselves are good to know...commentary free. While I continue to emphasize to people that ask that HIV/AIDS is a GLOBAL issue, not just something in Africa... I wanted to send along a link to a thorough account of the official positions of all 4 of the remaining major candidates for President of the USA: Clinton, Huckabee, McCain and Obama (alpha order).

Important to remember: no endorsement or recommendation from me on who you all should vote for. That's not what this is about. In fact, few of my close friends know who I'm leaning toward and that is deliberate. As a passionate guy, it's hard sometimes. But my job is to be an advocate for our mission and not get distracted by all the stuff that goes into an election here in the USA.

If HIV/AIDS is important to you, please take some time to review the candidates' positions on this complex matter. Please make sure to check out their words and their thoughts. It's hard to dig through all the commentators weighing in on the races, but resources like this help make it possible.

I hope you enjoy learning more about this.

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