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Sunday, December 16, 2007

UNICEF Report Affirms Our Involvement

Friends - A 2005 Report that I've been using a lot recently is something you all should read. It discusses the issues of politics and people. With the political and economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, US and Western aid for HIV/AIDS care in Zimbabwe has decreased significantly. I'm not convinced it should increase, given the inability to deliver adequate care by the Ministry of Health. However, it doesn't mean that the people should be ignored. Take a look at these numbers from the report:
"This massive disparity in aid comes despite the fact that:

* The under-five mortality rate has risen 50% since 1990 (now 1 death for every 8 births)
* One hundred babies become HIV-positive every day in Zimbabwe
* One in five Zimbabwean children are now orphans (1 million from HIV/AIDS)
* A child dies every 15 minutes due to HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe
* 160,000 children will experience the death of a parent in 2005

In 2004-5 Zimbabwe received little or no HIV/AIDS funding support from the main donor initiatives.

In southern Africa, the area most devastated by HIV/AIDS, the average annual donor-spending-per-HIV-infected-person among these three initiatives is US $74. In Zimbabwe the figure is just $4."
At Forgotten Voices, we are working with local people, who are working hard to follow Ministry of Health regulations, but without all the hoops of the government.

This is an issue I'm thinking a lot about these days, as we try to balance politics with the calls of Christ on our lives to meet the needs of widows and orphans. It's worth a read and a conversation with your friends.

Be challenged. Be informed. We need you! Thanks for reading!


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