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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Meet Fibion, Pastor

“It remains the role of the church to preach that God loves us and to reflect His love.” - Pastor Fibion

Many people talk about the love of God. When you hear it from Pastor Fibion, you know he is speaking from a very personal and sacrificial commitment to live it out daily.

Fibion pastors an urban church in one of Zimbabwe’s largest cities. His congregation is made up of young and old, multiple cultural groups, big families, singles, grandparents, teenagers, and lots of kids! Amidst these different people, one common denominator remains - everyone is being deeply impacted by HIV/AIDS. The majority of people have lost close family members and friends and there are many who are now living with the virus.

Pastoring a church community with these kinds of challenges takes a special person. Fibion has continued to inspire us with the Godly choices and long-term commitment he has made to his people.

- He has chosen to remain with his struggling congregation in Zimbabwe, though opportunities to serve elsewhere have presented themselves.
- Living on a very limited salary, Fibion often chooses to give away the little money he has for food to pay for a community member’s transportation costs or school fees or medical expenses.
- He chose to attend the Theological College of Zimbabwe to receive the seminary training that would allow him to lead his people better. Obtaining a seminary education is no small feat in Zimbabwe, but Fibion pursued all that was necessary to make it possible.
- He recognizes the important role that must be played by the church in addressing the AIDS crisis, and also knows that many were not as fortunate as he was to obtain a seminary education. He has chosen to mentor other pastors in his city, who are facing similarly overwhelming challenges caused by HIV/AIDS and other difficulties.

These intentional choices have allowed Fibion to be a strong and effective leader in his community, and one of our longest-standing project partners.

We hope you’ll choose to pray with us as we continue to support and encourage Fibion in his ministry:
1) Pray for God’s continued provision for Fibion as he continues to sacrificially serve his congregation
2) Pray that God would provide additional full-time church workers to come alongside Fibion, particularly for children’s and youth ministry
3) Pray for the young family members of a church member who has just passed away after a battle with cancer.
4) Pray for the youth that just attended the youth retreat – a very unique opportunity designed specifically to include youth who have been orphaned by AIDS and are typically unable to go on school and church field trips. The retreat theme was “God is calling you, are you listening?”

In partnership with Fibion's church, Forgotten Voices is helping send over 40 kids to school and meet other needs of those that care for them. Thanks for all you do to help equip Fibion and his church with the tools they need to empower orphans and raise hope in their community!

Photos were taken by Krista Guenin. Check out her incredible work at

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