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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Seedtime and harvest...will never cease"

A couple of weeks ago I joined a church member's family in harvesting their crop of maize (corn). We thank God for the good rains Zambia had experienced in the last farming season as there has been a good harvest for most farmers in our country. This is good for food security, especially with the vulnerable people of our society. Farmers are busy harvesting their maize, which is the staple food for most Zambians. The grain is made into mealie meal (maize flour) for cooking nshima/tsaza. However, pray for the harvest to progress well as the past few days of rain may cause much of it to rot before it is fully transfered into barns.

Just for your info, a family of six would normally consume 25kg of mealie meal per month and this 25kg bag costs about $12 and not many families can afford. With the seed money Forgotten Voices has assisted families through the local church in the last planting season, most families would now be saved from buying mealie meal at $12 for a while because it only costs $2 of maize grain enough to be milled into 25kg. The simple math shows how more families will now afford to have three meals a day.

Further more, it's time for backyard gardens and most families are busy planting seedlings for home grown vegetables. For your info, again; a kilo of vegetables (say lettuce) would cost about $2, but a roll of vegetable seedling costing the same amount when transplanted, would produce more than 50kg of vegetables to feed a family of six for more than five months. This would save the family $100 + +, which can be used for other pressing issues in the home.

Thank you for the seed money you have generously donated to the ministry of Forgotten Voices. This reminds me of The Lord, when He smelled the pleasing aroma of Noah's sacrifices and then vowed never again to curse the ground because of man. He then says in verse 22 of Genesis 8, "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest,...will never cease." Indeed, we can do more with a little help of seed. Donate to the ministry of Forgotten Voices and make a difference in a child's life of Southern Africa.

Your fellow servant in God's ministry,


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