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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My 1st Letter to My 1st Child

Katie and I know what it's like to be WAITING for news on a baby's arrival. With Katie now getting some rest and sleeping, I have nervous energy so I wanted to take this opportunity to post an assignment of mine from Harvard about our baby girl. For all you moms out there, Katie has endorsed this and I'm not neglecting my duties. :)

I was asked in March to write my eulogy or something that expressed what I live for presented in a different/creative way. I decided to write my 1st letter to my 1st child. Through writing it, I learned a great deal about the love of our God for us. I hope you find it encouraging today, as well.

Enjoy reading this as we all await her arrival.


PS Katie and baby are doing great! We will meet her today! :) Thanks for praying! I love these ladies!

March 2010:

To my precious daughter,

You are so close to being born, due to arrive on June 4th. As our first child, I’m especially excited to meet you. While we talk every night before your mommy goes to bed, I cannot WAIT to meet you in person.

My professor asked me to write my eulogy. With your arrival coming, that’s too sad for me. Instead, I’d like to share with you who I am and what I aspire to in life – and, in turn, what I hope for you.

I hope this short piece helps ground you in knowing you are loved by God, your mom, and me.

There are a great number of things to fill your head with in this world that you’ll soon explore. This world is a busy place. You must work hard to block out the voices of doubt, cynicism, fear, and hate. Those voices are everywhere. Instead, fill your head and heart with good things. You’ll find those good things by following Jesus and by serving God and our world. Because Christ loved you and me, we get to love others.

Strive to never doubt the existence of love in every person you meet. Enemy or friend, believe deeply in the capacity of all people to achieve more than they think possible for themselves. Aspire to help realize the dreams of kids who do not have many champions. As you’ve probably heard your mom and I discuss, I started a group called, where we equip local churches in Zimbabwe and Zambia to meet the physical & spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS. Through this amazing experience, I’ve learned that God wants each of these precious children to find their own voices to become doctors, artists, teachers, and accountants.

Just like my life is now dedicated to championing your cause, I pray that your life is spent championing the causes of others so that people remember their stories, even if they forget yours and mine.

Soak up experiences. Daily, I see and hear miracles of humanity – people extending love when no one is looking. My aspiration is for you to find joy in the stuff that matters. Along the way, life will be hard. You will surely struggle. This will make you stronger. But know that your mom and I will be there with you, working hard to let you know that you are loved by us, but you belong to God.

Already you are the great joy of my life. Thanks for listening. I love you.

With love and affection,
Your dad

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